We use no eggs in our food. Our Traditional Hummus, Cilantro Hummus, Lemon Tahini, zaatar croutons contain sesame. Our warm and savory meals are nuts free, but are made on kitchen equipment that also processes nuts products for our granola and peanut butter . Our falafel doesn't contain soy, but is prepared in oil that comes into contact with soy. We use a blend of vegetable and olive oil in our cooking. Please reach out to if you have additional questions regarding ingredients or allergens – ANZOlutely

Cold & Sweet Crunch

Serving Size Calories Protein
10 oz 12 20
5 oz 12 10

Savory Toppings Subcategory

Serving Size Calories Protein

Sweets Fruit & Topping Subcategory

Serving Size Calories Protein