Our Story

ANZO - Mediterranean Kitchen

Our story started in 2013 with The Chickpea in downtown West Palm Beach, which was built on a vision to fulfill the need for healthy, fresh and quick meals that were reasonably priced. The Chickpea quickly became a popular destination for those seeking simple and delicious Mediterranean food. In 2018, with the love and support from our amazing community, ANZO was born. Staying close to our roots, garbANZO carries the Chickpea's legacy as it is built on the same core values.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a uniting space for people to explore the Mediterranean Kitchen while sharing moments during our most communal times. We are committed to providing healthy, fresh and quick meals that are reasonably priced. Sourcing locally and starving landfills while feeding hungry guests is what we do. We believe with this standard we can produce healthy fuel that nourishes the body, fulfills the soul and connects our communities. Lets break bread together!

Our Food Ethos

Rooted in the Mediterranean palate, our mezze-style menu is influenced by Middle Eastern, Greek, North African, and Indian cruises. Our made-from-scratch menu consists of traditional family recipes and time honored cooking techniques.

We believe strongly in "you are what you eat". The open kitchens, calorie counts and sourcing lists represent our commitment to transparency because we want you to know where the food comes from and how we prepare it- no cutting corners- no compromises